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ALPA Hot Topics & Pilot Group News
FAA's long-awaited drone rules almost ready, but Congress will likely make key decisions
Macro Insider - 12/29/2014
"As a (Boeing) 737 captain, I'll be damned if myself and 178 other persons are taken down by a 12-pound or a 50-pound or a 150-pound piece of metal coming by way of my windshield," said Ben Berman at a current forum hosted by the Air Line Pilots Association. "There are also numerous near misses occurring each day like this."
Spirit Airlines transforms budget airlines
CCTV America - 12/29/2014
“We’ve been able to make money because we keep our costs very low, because we do things in way that help that happen,” said Spirit Airlines CEO Ben Baldanza. “We put more seats in our planes than our competitors, for example. Just like when you carpool, everybody splits the cost of gas.”
BRIEF: FedEx plans aircraft shop improvements [The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tenn.]
Investing & Stock Research - Businessweek - 12/29/2014
BRIEF: FedEx plans aircraft shop improvements [The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tenn.] Dec. 30--FedEx has applied for a building permit for $5
AirTran makes final flight, ending 21-year run
The Washington Post - 12/29/2014
AirTran makes final flight, ending 21-year run DALLAS AirTran Airways has ceased to exist in an industry that has reshaped itself into something...
Delta Leads Big 3 Airlines, Moves Jan.1 to Price-Based Frequent Flier Awards
Forbes - 12/26/2014
A major change in airline frequent flier programs will begin to take effect Jan. 1, when Delta will transition its frequent flyer program from one based on distance travel to one based on ticket price. United will follow on March 1.
Alaska Airlines Lightens the Load for Mileage Plan Members
Alaska Airlines - 12/29/2014
Throughout the month of January Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan members can check one bag free.* The airline is waiving its standard $25 bag fee to encourage new and existing members to experience the benefits of Alaska's award-winning frequent flier program.
Industry & Legislative News
AirAsia crash proves worth of real-time data: Our view
USA Today - 12/29/2014
...missing passengers and crew, the cost seems worthwhile. A brand new Airbus A320 such as the AirAsia jet that disappeared Sunday costs $94 million.
The quick growth of Asian airlines creates challenge: how to safely train enough jet pilots
Blogs - Times Colonistc - 12/30/2014
The quick growth of Asian airlines creates challenge: how to safely train enough jet pilots NEW YORK, N.Y. - Every week, a combined total of...
How Bad Weather Can Affect Aircraft, and What Can Be Done: Q&A
Bloomberg Businessweek - 12/30/2014
...factors investigators study to determine what led to the crash of the Airbus Group NV A320 single-aisle jet. The following questions and answers...
Airlines should do more to help prevent jets from going missing
The Washington Post - 12/28/2014
Now the action is at the U.N.-chartered International Civil Aviation Organization, which wants to establish a new Global Aeronautical Distress...
DOT Says Tarmac Delay Rules Don't Apply In Cases Of Ebola - 12/29/2014
23--If an airline or airport believes a passenger on a plane has Ebola or another serious contagious illness and passengers are kept Dec. 23--If...
Airline News
Airlines 2014: The Top Stories of the Year
Travel Pulse - 12/30/2014
The airline industry always seems to produce compelling stories over the course of a year, and 2014 was no exception.
What's new for airlines in 2015?
Chicago Tribune - 12/30/2014
...air for a while, but canceled all operations following damage to a plane, and most industry mavens seem to think it will never resume service.
Why American Airlines Is Making Nice With Its Employees
Bloomberg Businessweek - 12/29/2014
...steps to make employees a bit happier in 2015--a push for labor peace at a time when the airline prepares to American Airlines is taking steps...
Porter Airlines plane spotted at tiny Pennsylvania airport
USA Today - 12/29/2014
There's no need for a double-take. Those were Porter Airlines planes at two unlikely airports this past weekend.
fastjet 2015 outlook: fleet expands and new affiliates launch but profitability remains challenging
CAPA Centre for Aviation - 12/30/2014
African LCC group fastjet is aiming to finally pursue fleet expansion and launch affiliates in 2015. The group ends 2014 with a fleet of only three A319s – the same number of aircraft it operated at the end of 2012 and 2013 – after repeatedly delaying expansion and the launch of new affiliates.
LAN to put 'stretch' Dreamliners from NYC to South America
USA Today - 12/28/2014
The "stretch" version of Boeing's Dreamliner will be flying between New York JFK and South America beginning next year.
Financial News
3 Best Performing Airline Stocks of 2014 - Analyst Blog
Yahoo! Finance - 12/29/2014
...12.63%. Higher demand for travel on the back of an improving labor market, consolidation and falling oil prices have helped carriers perform well.
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