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Featured Partner
Parkson Corporation
Craig Beckman, MIOX Corporation - March 14, 2013
Parkson’s dedicated team has truly committed to expanding their OSG chemical installation base in North American water and wastewater treatment plants.

In The News
MIOX Presents at AAPG Eagle Ford Shale Conference
NBC News - March 14, 2013
Emerging Water Disinfection Technology for Recycle, Reuse and Downhole Treatments

Mixed oxidants show disinfection benefits for municipalities
Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine - February 01, 2013
"The most significant advantage over gas chlorination or hypochlorination is an ability to maintain chlorine residuals further along the water distribution system, due to better biofilm removal..."

Plan Cooling Tower Meeting Schedule Using Mobile App
Process Cooling - January 30, 2013
The association, which is focused on promoting the use of environmentally responsible evaporative heat transfer systems, cooling towers and cooling technology...

MIOX Presents at Cooling Tower Institute (CTI) Conference
Yahoo! Singapore Finance - January 30, 2013
Increasing Power Plant Output Using a New Methodology for Cooling Loop Maintenance

MIOX Receives ISO 9001:2008 Registration
Thomasnet.com - January 29, 2013
MIOX's commitment to product quality, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement Albuquerque, NM - MIOX Corporation, the industry leader in on-site chemical generation technology, announces it is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.

MIOX Expands Market Application Of Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) Technology
Water Online - January 14, 2013
MIOX awarded $100,000 National Science Foundation SBIR research grant to commercialize on-site generated AOP chemistry in the Microelectronics & Aerospace industries MIOX Corporation, a leader in innovative electrochemical treatment technologies, announced it has received a Technology Enhancement f

Town changes water treatment method
Herald & Tribune - January 09, 2013
The Town of Jonesborough is returning to a method of disinfecting water that hasn’t been used by the treatment plant in several years. At a meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen last month, members unanimously approved a plan for the Water Treatment Plant to return to using a mixed oxidant met

MIOX Cooling Tower Disinfection Boosts Power Plant Production
Today's Energy Solutions - December 15, 2012
Bio-Control Approach Cleans Cooling Tower of Biofouling at a Fraction of the Cost of Bulk Hypochlorite

MIOX Technology
Recognized safety leader for hydrogen mitigation for on-site generation
Kyle Lee, MIOX Corporation - March 12, 2013
MIOX cell design, mitigation systems, documentation and commitment to innovation continue to keep MIOX at the forefront of OSG safety practices.

Pollution Prevention Award 2013
Larry Lemasters, MIOX Corporation - March 11, 2013
MIOX was awarded the Pollution Prevention Award 2013 for reducing waste and helping protect river and treatment plants through best management practices.

Investigation of the use of Chlorine Based Advanced Oxidation in Surface Water: Oxidation of Natural Organic Matter and Formation of Disinfection Byproducts
Journal of Advanced Oxidation - February 14, 2013
Ongoing work is being conducted to facilitate the implementation of MIOX’s on-site AOP for a variety of water treatment applications.

MIOX Webinars
Surface Water Treatment, Challenges in Municipal Water Treatment, Part 3
MIOX Corporation - March 08, 2013
Focusing on topic of surface water treatment and bringing together the chemicals and chemical reactions involved, the removal of certain contaminants, and the areas where MIOX on-site generated chemistry for disinfection can prove to be a cost-effective alternative to delivered bulk chemicals.

Groundwater, Challenges in Municipal Water Treatment, Part 2
MIOX Corporation - January 28, 2013
How MIOX can assist in the cost-effective treatment of groundwater, including details on the removal of certain contaminants.

Challenges in Municipal Water Treatment and the MIOX Solution, Part 1
MIOX Corporation - December 11, 2012
A drinking water treatment primer where we’ll discuss how MIOX can help you or your customers meet their process goals.

Top Wins
17th Asian Games Incheon 2014 using MIOX
Radi Simeonova, MIOX Corporation - March 19, 2013

Cedar Knox, NE Replaces Chlorine Gas with Mixed Oxidant Solution
Rachel Zuback, MIOX Corporation - March 01, 2013

Meeting Increased Demand for Chilled Water in Downtown Chicago
Steve Garcia, MIOX Corporation - February 15, 2013

General Motors (GM) Raising Technology Standards with MIOX for Cooling Loop Disinfection
Rachel Zuback, MIOX Corporation - February 05, 2013