14/06-17 18:29

Doe mee: onderzoek naar carrière in PE & VC

De NVP roept mannen én vrouwen op om mee te doen aan een groot Europees onderzoek naar carrièrepaden in private equity en venture capital. We weten allemaal dat er verschillen zijn, dit onderzoek gaat helpen die beter te begrijpen. Anonimiteit wordt gegarandeerd. We hopen op minimaal 1 deelnemer per lid! Alvast dank, Annemarie Jorritsma



Level 20 is conducting a major research project on the career paths of individuals across the private equity industry. This is the first study of its kind and the responses should provide comprehensive data on the careers of men and women across the private equity and venture capital industry in Europe in both investment and support roles. The findings will guide the work of Level 20 going forward. The research is being led by Professor Sucheta Nadkarni of the Cambridge University Judge Business School (‘CUJBS’) who has previously conducted research for the 30% Club.


The survey comprises two questionnaires: the first questionnaire gathers information about individuals including career history and academic background; the second comprises psychometric profiling questions. The data provided will be completely anonymous. The questionnaires can be accessed via these links:


CUJBS/Level 20 PE Research - Questionnaire A

CUJBS/Level 20 PE Research - Questionnaire B


The project is being publicised by Invest Europe, the BVCA and other industry associations across Europe so individuals could receive multiple notifications but should only complete each of the questionnaires once.


For the project to be a real success responses are needed from at least 1000 individuals, both men and women, across different European countries and at all levels within firms. The data provided will be completely confidential and subject to Cambridge University’s ethical research standards.


Level 20 expects this research to be concluded by the autumn and will stage various events to discuss the findings.